Community Hotels

Hotels are an invincible part of the communities they are located in. They employ from the community, host business visitors, tourists who visit their towns, and last but not least they are representatives of their corner of the world!

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Nurse Hotel

The hotels near hospitals and other medical facilities can offer better and more comfortable accommodations to the traveling nurses.  List your property with NurseHotel today.

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College Inns

Student housing in hotels has been a common practice in Europe for years. College Hotels is bringing that concept to the United States. 

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Trucker Inn

3.5 million truckers are the backbone of America‚Äôs distribution network.  They endure long hours to deliver your food and other stables rain or shine. They need a comfortable and reasonably priced hotel to stay overnight. Please sign up for free if your hotel can accommodate trucks.  

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Owners & Managers Forum

Forum is the professional community of hotel owners, managers, investors, and associates. The hoteliers connect using multiple sites, including social media sites, to enhance their operations and share the expertise.

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Hotel Job Center

Post hotel jobs for free. Hotel Job Center is a new initiative by DHI, helping the hotel industry reduce the job placement cost.  

With your help, the HotelJobCenter will grow and continue to be a free service for both job seekers and job creators.

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People Come First

In the hospitality business, you could be in the wrong industry if you work for money.
In our work, the passion to serve is our motive. In our book, people come first.