Daryon hotels international
 "Don't Settle for Ordinary"

We are not an ordinary group. DHI is a step or two ahead of other management companies. In our school of thought, increased revenue combined with modern sales and marketing and enhanced with guest satisfaction is what you might need.

Our innovative budgeting system will compare the expenses to actual revenue and alerts the management to prevent overspending, not from the budget but from what the hotel has made. You might have budgeted $2000 in terry based on 80% occupancy, but what if your occupancy changes?

DHI considers all aspects of hotel operations as one coherent part.

Web & OTA Management

The market has changed. Old methods of marketing, sales and operations are defunct and useless. The hospitality business is increasingly dependent on the internet, OTAs and web-based operations. DHI is one of the very rare management companies that understand this new trend very well and highly specialized in using this new wave to benefit the client hotels.

We also create and manage interactive websites.  Creating a regular website is like printing a flyer and storing it in your office drawer, interactive websites are functional and constantly market your hotel and create a business in various forms.

Service Levels

DHI offer three levels of service that are customizable to your hotel needs:

1- Consultation:  You and your staff operate your hotel and DHI remotely consults them on Revenue Management, Sales and marketing and other agreed on the topic.

2- Pro-Management:   You manage your hotel, and we do all the technical work for you. That includes active revenue management, marketing, OTA Operations and more.  It is not feasible for most small and some midsize hotels to hire a full-time GM and sales and pay them a total of around $100 K while they can hire DHI for much less and get better results.

3- Full Management: We operate your property in full as any other hotel management company and some.  We don't charge you extra for revenue management, OTA, web design, and more. All these services are included at no extra cost. 

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