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About Daryon Hotels

Daryon Hotels International LLC is a result-oriented full management service company. DHI’s principal concept is adding far more revenue than service charges paid by the hotel. Daryon Hotels is not an added cost but an increased revenue for hotels, and we guarantee that.

Daryon Hotels is partnered with 30 hotels as of November 2019.

Why should you consider Daryon Hotels for your hotel?

1- Your revenue increase is far more than your cost.

2- Depending on your contract, you can cancel the Annual Contract with a 30 day or 90 days notice.

3- DHI includes services that most other management companies do not:

a- Revenue Management Support
b- Corporate Level hands-on sales and marketing
c- Franchise Support
d- Full operational support
e- Continuous training of the hotel associates
f- Digital tracking and evaluation system for every hotel department

Daryon Portal is an all-inclusive tool that keeps track of all aspects of hotel operations. We are the only hotel management company that offers this service, and it is included.  The Portal will help you reduce cost while increasing efficiency and revenue.

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