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Why DHI ?

Your RGI Index will increase, Guaranteed.

Our management team has successfully increased the RevPAR Index and revenue of hotels in every hotel we have managed with one exception.

The managed brands included nearly every major franchise and also independent hotels. Revenue Management is a little more than changing the rates; it is a mathematical evaluation of market behavior in different segments. Our hotels increased the Index between 20% to 45% within 1-3 year period.

The only exception was a hotel which had to compete with a new hotel opening in the same market with 2X the rooms. All other hotels with the same brand in the enitre town dropped their index by up to a disastrous 50%, except the one we managed. In other words, the one that did NOT show RevPAR increase was actually our best performance.

RGI Index



Digital Maintenance

We will digitalize your hotels preventive maintenance.
The system can be customized to each properties specifications
Management can receive full reports after the PM is completed  
3  DHI PM Portal guides the staff on the task, states exactly what needs to be done for each item and provides a final report on each completed or differed action
The monthly, quarterly and annual reports are available. These reports will show what items and in what quantity you will need for next years budget. 
5 Management and/or ownership can receive immediate alerts and notifications on specific items. As example as soon as the PM Staff select a new PTAC is needed in a room, you will automatically receive an alert via email.  

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