"Don't Settle for Ordinary"


We have increased the RevPAR Index in our hotels 15-40% for many economy, mid-scale, and upper scale brands even when they already have a franchise assigned revenue manager.

There is a new world out there and it is changing by the day. Hotel sales and marketing is progressing more online business and requires understanding and management of the modern environment.  The old ways are costly and no longer work.

DHI customizes our standard services levels to fit each hotel’s needs and preferences. Please click here for more information.

The most common problem with most hotels is the staffing, particularly during this historic low unemployment level. DHI has an established system that can and will ease the staffing issues. This service is included in most of the DHI Service Levels.

Today, nearly all of your bookings are directly or indirectly originated from your online presence and booking engines.There are a few hotels that are not already online; regretfully, most hotels have no or little control over their online presence. Our DHI staff have a great understanding and experience in this field.


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